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#Whole30 Day 2

I survived another day of Whole30 so let's take a look at what I ate!  


I started my day with some coffee and unsweetened almond milk and then I had a Cashew Cookie LaraBar with a smear of Bare Barney Butter and a banana. This was before I was heading out for 6 miles so I was trying to get close to my normal pre-run peanut butter toast and banana. It all tasted good and didn't upset my stomach while running!  

I don't normally bring fuel for a 6 mile run but I decided to cut up a date into 4 pieces to bring along with me. Dates seem to be the favorite Whole30 running fuel and I'm happy to report they worked great for me! I only ended up eating half of the date because I just didn't feel like I needed any more than that.  


For lunch I made this amazing salad that I basically want to eat everyday for the rest of my life. I started with a huge layer of power greens, then added some raw broccoli and cut up carrots. Next, I thinly sliced an apple to add along with some of the shredded chicken I had prepped on Sunday. Finally I topped it with some Tessemae's Balsalmic that I am in love with. And then I proceeded to devour this whole huge bowl.  

While the girls had after school snacks, I had an orange and some pistachios. I think I screwed up by not eating anything immediately after my run, but this is a learning process. Luckily my snack was still Whole30 approved so there's that! 


Normally on Tuesdays after gymnastics we get burgers and fries from a favorite local restaurant. I managed to stay strong while the family had those delicious burgers and I had some steamed broccoli, a baked potato with ghee, and some more of my shredded chicken with Frank's Red Hot sauce. Although I would have loved that burger, I really enjoyed my meal. It was nothing fancy, but it was satisfying! 

Once again, I ended my night with some herbal tea which has really helped me fight my late night candy cravings!  

How I'm feeling: 

Some of the people in our #RunningWhole30 group are complaining of sluggishness, but I'm currently not having a problem with that. I'm mostly just feeling hungry. Like I said, I think I should have eaten something immediately after my run today. Normally I eat a Picky Bar but since those aren't Whole30 approved, I need to figure out something else. Suggestions are welcome!  

How do you feel about dates?

What challenges do you think I'll face this month?


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