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#Whole30 Day 3 and 4

I'm still going strong! Are you surprised? If you're new to the blog, please check out my original post about Whole30 and my eats from Day 2! Now let's take a look at what I've eaten the past couple of days: 

Day 3: 


I really enjoyed my breakfast from day 1, so I duplicated it again for day 3! I had 2 eggs and half of an Aidell's chicken and apple sausage plus a bed of power of greens. I'm finding this power packed breakfast really fuels my morning until lunch. And of course I had a cup of coffee with almond milk. 


This will probably come as a shock to people who know me well (hi Parents!), but leftovers are my best friend for lunch on Whole30! It's easy and delicious, so I heated up some leftover beef stew from Monday night for lunch. The beef was so tender today so it was a huge win! I also had an apple for dessert. 


For dinner I made Margaret's chicken fajitas and holy heck they were delicious. I used her recipe for the seasoning and then coated the chicken in some olive oil and sprinkled the seasoning in a ziploc bag to marinate. Then I chopped up 2 green peppers (Lyla ate about half of one raw while I was cooking), an onion, and some mushrooms, and sautéed these in coconut oil with more of the seasoning. I cooked the chicken on a grill pan and then chowed down on it with some salsa over top! The family had traditional fajitas with tortillas and rice but I stayed strong! 

In the afternoon, I snacked on an orange and some pistachios. Plus I had my nightly tea which is truly a lifesaver! 

How I was feeling: 

I noticed a slight headache creeping in, possibly due to sugar detox, but other than that, my energy levels are awesome. I definitely don't feel like I need a nap in the afternoon like I normally do! Also, no usual GI issues to speak of.  

Day 4: 


I was running a little behind in the morning so I ended up having to eat breakfast at work. I had a repeat of day 2's breakfast with a banana, coconut LaraBar, and some Barney BareButter. Oh and coffee with almond milk! I was worried about how this veggie-less breakfast would affect my day but I had to

go with it.  


More leftovers for lunch! I had the rest of the chicken fajitas from the night before, topped with an avocado for some healthy, filling fat. Once again, it was amazing, and I had high hopes that the avocado would sustain me for my long work day (12 hours). I ended up having a kiwi and more almonds than I probably should have in the late afternoon. 


Oh yes, this slow cooker roast chicken was total amazeballs and a huge win with the family. I'll be sharing the recipe this Sunday for my Sunday GYST, so check back then because you need to make it. I also roasted some asparagus for a fabulous addition.   

After I worked out, I ended my night with a cup of peppermint tea! 

How I was feeling: 

Not going to lie, this day was rough for me. I had a lot of cravings for chips and candy, probably due to being in a grocery store for 12 hours, but I kept it together. I almost texted Tara to tell her I was giving up, but I just didn't want to be a quitter. Not yet. I also had some familiar GI issues later in the night: bloating and gas. In analyzing my food, I can't really narrow down what could be the culprit, but I'm leaning towards the green peppers. I'll try them again next week maybe and see what happens. 

Other thoughts:

Overall, I'm really enjoying my meals right now. I'm putting thought and effort into my eating and it's not that bad! Something else, could be a coincidence, but my skin seems to be clearing up a bit! Score! Another thing I've noticed is how much crap is in food. I never realized there was soy in Starkist Tuna. Or that there is sugar in lemon pepper seasoning. Or how much dishes I would dirty while cooking so much. But, I would recommend #Whole30 to anyone at this point! 

Do you eat leftovers? 

Do you religiously read labels? 

The Sunday GYST XVII

#GivingEveryday - Elizabeth