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Nailed It Or Failed It 2016

Nailed It Or Failed It 2016


It's that magical time of the year when all the goal setters take a look at how well they did in accomplishing those goals. In my usual self deprecating way, I like to do this in terms of Nailed It or Failed It. Last year, I accomplished 3 out of the 7 goals I set, which might be less than 50%, but I'm going with that everyone-gets-a-trophy mentality, and saying anytime you nail a goal, it's a win.

I already know 2016 wasn't as successful. After nursing a knee injury in the beginning of the year, and a hip injury later on in the year, running just wasn't as fun or as important as it has been in previous years. Also, this has just been a stressful and busy year in general for me. Between a growing pharmacy, and growing kids, I just felt like I was surviving most of the time. I'm not making excuses, because there are plenty of women out there getting shit done, with the same hectic schedule as me. It just wasn't my year, and I'm perfectly okay with that, because guess what? I'm still alive, and I'm still here, and that's a success in itself. Enough whining, let's look at those 2016 goals, and how I did:

1. Run A Sub-2:00 Half Marathon: FAILED IT

Yikes. What was I thinking with this one? While I do believe if I could stay healthy and committed to training, I could accomplish this, I'm just not sure it's a realistic goal right now. I'm not saying I'll never go for a sub-2:00 in the future, because I still want to get there, I just need to go about it more wisely. While I failed this goal, I did nail a half marathon PR this year, despite injuries and a lack of training, and that will propel me into 2017.

2. PR The 5k:  FAILED IT

To be fair, I never really raced a 5k this year. I did run a few 5ks, but I was on board my postpartum BFF's comeback train, and these races were just about motivation, having fun, and getting to the finish line. Being there to support her and watch her fight for it meant more to me than any PR could ever mean. Plus, when did 5ks get so freaking expensive? I mean who wants to pay $45 for 3.1 miles of pain? 

3. Streak On:  FAILED IT

After 752 days of continuous running, I called my streak off on January 23rd. My knee was swollen twice it's normal size and it just wasn't worth it any more. Am I proud of what I accomplished? Sure. But don't ask me my thoughts on streaking if you're looking for something positive. My body needs rest, and the obsession to get a run in made it to where I wasn't enjoying running. Not worth it. 

4. Grow Muscles:  FAILED IT

Nope. Not even close. I seriously don't even know the last time I planked. Maybe this year, or maybe never. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

5. Blog Consistently:  FAILED IT

I'm thinking that 6 month break kind of wasn't part of this goal. Life is all about time management, and in an effort to manage my time, I had to choose second grade homework over blogging. Oh and going to work kind of took up some of that time too. 

6. Read One New Book A Month: NAILED IT

Oh my gosh, I did accomplish a goal this year! Actually, I demolished this goal because I read 31 books this year. Reading became a really important outlet for my stressed out brain this year. I read so many great books, and I'm so thankful that I made it a priority. I'm hopeful that my reading sets a good example for Lexi and Lyla to enjoy reading as well. 

7. Cook Dinner At Least 4 Times Per Week: NOT SURE

I honestly don't know how well I did with this one. My guess is that some weeks, I nailed it, and some weeks I failed it. My work schedule changed midway through the year, and I thought it would make my life easier, but I think it actually made things more difficult. We've gotten used to it now, but I haven't gotten back on the meal planning plan like I know I should. It's no secret it makes life easier, but it just takes time, which sometimes I feel like I don't have. 


So I went 1 for 7. Sure, I'm not thrilled, but you can't wallow and feel bad for yourself. I'll set new goals, and keep on plugging along because I'm a woman, a mom, and a badass, and that's what I do. I hope you all had a successful 2016, and if you didn't, join me in making 2017 your bitch. 

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