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Oiselle Wednesday: Endorphin 3/4 Long Sleeve

 I might be a member of  the Oiselle Volée Team, but I've been wearing Oiselle (pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 130 pound Mommy-body!


So it's been a while since I've done a Oiselle Wednesday, and I've missed it so much! Truth be told, this is one of my favorite blog posts that I do, for several reasons:

  1. I love running clothes, specifically all things Oiselle.
  2. I like making the L's take funny pictures of me.
  3. I love the feedback I get from other women regarding the love they have for Oiselle, or that my silly review helped encourage them to try Oiselle!

Today I'm reviewing a new spring favorite of mine, the Endorphin 3/4 Long Sleeve. As soon as this top was released in January, I knew I had to have it once I had the extra funds. As a pharmacist, I'm kind of science-y, and the geometric pattern inspired by the endorphin molecule, the neuropeptide thought to be responsible for "Runner's High", sold me. I ended up ordering it the new Mineral color, and it arrived Monday, just in time for me to test out on a dreary day yesterday.


I'm not going to lie, my first thought when I put the top on was, "Wow, this color really compliments my eyes.". Of course my second thought was, "Wow, this top is so soft.". This makes total sense since it's made from the seamless Arque fabric, also found in my beloved Flyte Long Sleeve, Wazelle Long Sleeve, and Wazelle Halter, among other Oiselle pieces. Side note: Oiselle released a great post detailing all of their different fabrics here. Back to the top, I'm already a huge fan of this fabric so I knew it could withstand loads of sweat.


The 3/4 sleeve style is pretty new for Oiselle, and I was curious how it would work for a run. I put it to the test on a 50 degree, slightly drizzly day for four miles. It turned out to be perfect, of course. Fifty degrees is always kind of a weird temperature for me because I can go with either a short sleeve or long sleeve top and feel fine. The 3/4 length meets in the middle and takes the guess work out of it. The sleeve length also makes it perfect for topping jeans for an everyday look as well. 


Can we take a second and go back to the color? I mean is it gorgeous, or what? I *may* have already ordered something else in Mineral because I'm so obsessed. There was some curiosity on our Oiselle Team page about how the color looked in real life, and I would describe it as a soft mint green. I don't think it has as much yellow in it as some pictures online would have you believe. To me, it a perfect spring color, and I think it would look great with any skin tone or hair color. 


I ordered a medium, and I am very happy with the fit for my body type. I prefer most things (besides bras) a little looser, and I find the medium is perfect. However, if I preferred things more body hugging, I believe a small could totally work as well since I had room in the sleeves and body. I love the length of the top as it hits a little below my hips and doesn't bunch up when I run.


You can get your own little piece of the Runner's High for $58, and it is available in two other colors, Shine and Midnight. Because I know how much use I'll get out of this top, I feel like the price is great. All of my other items in the Arque fabric last years, making them well worth their price. My only complaint is that sizing might seem limited since it is only available in small, medium, and large. However, I'd encourage you to still give it a try if you don't fall into those size ranges because the fabric and cut is oh-so forgiving!

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Is there a color you feel compliments your eyes?

  • For me, always green!

What color makes you think of Spring?

  • I'd say anything pastel. I instantly think of the Easter Candy aisle!

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