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Rolling With The Punches

The longer I'm alive, the more I realize how necessary it is to just surrender to the forces that be. To roll with the punches. To let it be. To just be happy in the moment.  As much as I'd love to control every facet of my life, I just can't. But I can control how I react to the situations I'm in. Like deciding to end my streak. I could have easily kept going, running in pain, and dreading it every.single.day. Or I could end it, rest, make some changes, and come back happy and healthy. 

Clearly, I chose the latter. So I ended the streak and I took a few weeks of rest. That rest was so crucial for my body, and also my mind. I also needed to make some changes. One of those changes is something you may have noticed in my Instagram pictures...


Anybody notice it?

It's the shoes, people. For years I have been a loyal Mizuno wearer, for work and running. I love the different models I have been fortunate to get to try, and they are some amazing shoes. But recently it was recommended that I try something different due to my "injuries".  So here I am in Hokas, the shoe I really never thought I'd wear... 


Until I wore them. Like magic, my knee and hip pain have dissipated, and I'm finally back to running pain-free. For anyone who has ever run in pain, you know how magical that feeling is. I'm not saying my Hokas are the sole reason for this, but I am saying they feel great. The cushioning is fabulous, and they feel as light as my beloved Wave Riders. 

Honestly, I don't know what this means for me and my Mizuno love affair. I'm not ready to break up with them, and I'm still wearing them to work. But if the shoe fits, and I'm running without pain, well, Hoka it is, for now. 


The other change I've had to make is an adjustment to my expectations. Up until my extended break from running, I had been training to attempt to run a sub-2:00 half this weekend. Obviously, that's not in the plans any more. I'm totally okay with it, because as the pain had increased, it became harder to hit the paces necessary to train for that goal, so I kind of knew I wasn't going to be ready. I'm not giving up on that goal for this year, because there are plenty of other halfs. Right now, I just need to focus on getting back to healthy running.

So my new goal for the half this weekend is to run a mentally strong race. I'm a notorious head case when it comes to racing, so my goal is to run this race without falling apart. If that means running slow, then so be it. I just want to be able to run the race and not let self doubt creep in. I want to run with confidence and joy. And I want that confidence and joy to carry me forward throughout the year, when I will eventually run my sub-2:00 half.

How do you handle change?

  • The older I get, the better I am about it. I am learning to give zero f@#ks.

Do you feel guilty when changing shoes?

  • I have been feeling a massive amount of guilt. But I'm LOVING the Hoka Clifton 2s, so the guilt is fading a bit.

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