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B is for Brooke

Alright, I have a moment that baby Bennett is sleeping and big sister Celia is out on a walk with cousin Matthew, though I should be preparing dinner, writing thank you notes, or editing my residency paper for graduate school. Sigh...whoops oh well. Celia is back so I apologize if my thoughts aren't...consistent.

Few random thoughts about me...
1. I'm a Leo, but on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. I have one Leo child, and one Cancer child. :-)
2. I've been married for almost 3 years. We're productive and efficient with our time.
3. I teach 12th grade Economics. I LOVE IT! I've also coached girls high school soccer. It was my passion and my life. I LOVE influencing young women to be their best and expect more of themselves.
4. I am Jewish and keep kosher, shabbas and the holidays. It keeps me sane.
5. I am a bit OCD. I try to only be OCD about the things that make sense to be OCD about-my classroom, my workouts, and my diet. I am obsessed with food!
6. I have a small family-one sister and parents that have been married over 30 years. Everyone lives here in Memphis and are very involved.
7. I work very hard at making others happy. Let me clarify. Others are only those with whom I've deemed worthy...but there are a lot of them it seems. I have GREAT VERY CLOSE friends who I've been friends with for a long time and always will be. I credit this to my cherishing them for who they are, not our similarities necessarily.
8. I have VERY high expectations of myself. Nuf said. I am also very self aware.
9. I am a Longhorn fan. My husband and I both graduated from the University of Texas though we weren't together there. We didn't begin talking until we both moved back to Memphis. Yes, he is from Memphis also.
10. I'll stop at 10...I live everyday trying to be the best me I can be for those whom I love. I hope I represent them well.

Here's my story from today and why I KNOW that I am meant to do this blog. I got out to run today in the heat and beautiful sunshine after having done a gym workout this morning, but was dreading the run. Like I said I have expectations of myself and I was quite concerned that I would disappoint myself and those who now have expectations of me also. I set out on my run. Got a block and an elderly woman waved me down to help her. She was having problems with (now the baby is crying...) the lock on her door and told me how she has arthritis and drives into Memphis to check on the house (she no longer lives there apparently). We had the nicest chat and had so much in common. She was a pleasure! She was a teacher. She knew family of ours. And she's interested in selling her house "to a nice family" and my husband happens to do property management. She was so appreciative of my having stopped and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It changed my perspective on the entire run from dread to...appreciation of what I have. I hope that you appreciate what you have everyday!

Slow and Steady

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