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eat to live OR live to eat

I often ponder whether I live to eat or eat to live. Depending on the day I'm embarrassed to say this might change. On what does it depend? You can answer that for yourselves. As I've mentioned I'm a bit self aware (understatement) and might know too well why I do the things that I do. There is very little that I do and say that isn't thought out prior to it coming out of my mouth. I am well aware that if I've gone through half the day without finding the enthusiasm for working out that day, I will sabotage my diet by eating a cookie let's say, and then the guilt gets me, and guess what...I'm out "on the trail" trying to make up for that slip up. The easiest thing would have been not to eat the cookie, right? Yeah, well.

Pertaining to training...the idea is to be strategic about your training but also everything that might affect your training-mentally, physically and even psychologically. Confidence is key to the belief in ones ability to run 13.1 miles or even 3 miles. Every little bit counts. My confidence is based on my daily ability to successfully navigate a clean diet, family obligations, motherhood, and other relationships (did I mention I go back to work full time as a high school teacher October 3rd?). As you can see, the cards are stacked against me, but I don't like to fail.

As I've mentioned, I don't mind giving into temptation in my diet. It is inspiration to me, but I didn't say that I don't complain about it. Confession: Before every workout, I complain/whine about it. I believe it's sort of my metaphorical cookie, preparing myself for failure just in case, but guess what, the majority of the time, I eat the cookie AND survive the workout. We just need reminders of that on a regular basis to boost our confidence.

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