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Second 10K

Last Sunday I ran my second 10k as part of the Memphis Runner's Club Road Race Series. The first one was 2 weeks prior and that was a distance PR for me. However, I had my running partner with me that day. This one was solo.

I feared that I wouldn't have that drive to run the whole thing. No one telling me to pick up my knees or use my ass.

I thought I'd choke and tell myself my long run was just 5 miles for the week so just walk after the first 5. You know, more excuses.

But I didn't choke. I ran that whole bitch even with the 2 killer hills at the end. Even though she wasn't with me, I heard Brooke pushing me, telling me the things I needed to hear to carry on.

And I even beat my previous time. Oh and later hosted a bridal shower at my house (psycho).

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