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Slow and Steady

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It's Friday and I'm kind of half way through my first week of training.  It's been going well except for my nagging hip flexor.  This has been an ongoing problem for me but I'm attempting to take steps to fix it.

I bought a Foam Roller and some K Tape (in Tennessee Orange of course).  I'm also icing it every night as well as obsessively stretching.  Yet I'm really upset about it.  I'm not a fast runner to begin with, but this "problem" is slowing me down even more:

Notice how much slower I was on 9/12/12?  Totally relates to my hip.  But I REFUSE to quit, I will just slow down.  And one day, I KNOW that it will go away!

Has anyone else ever had a similar "problem"?  I refuse to refer to it as anything other than a "problem".  If you have, how did you fix it?

Happy trails!

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