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The Blame Game

Impending rain.
Sore hip.
Exhaustion from a bad day at work.
Forgotten headband.
Upcoming 10k.
Screwed up training schedule.
Need to poop.
No Bodyglide.
Desire to watch Glee.

Those were all the excuses I gave myself while running this morning.  I just never could get into my Zone.  It was just 3 miles and yet it felt like freaking 13.1.  I know there are good runs and bad runs, but man those bad runs SUCK.  I kept telling myself that it was okay to walk if I wanted.  But then around 1.5 miles I looked down and saw this:
That red thing, my friends, pushed me to not stop.  My Road Race Series time chip.  I know I'm slow. But the only way I'll ever improve is to keep pushing.  So I pushed on and finished the run.  Only 3 miles, yet I was proud of myself for getting it done.

Happy trails!

Second 10K

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