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Answering My Own Question

Thanks to Pinterest, I answered my own question from the other day about dressing for colder weather.  Apparently I've been doing it totally wrong.


Anyway, this awesome article from Runner's World, discusses dressing for runs.  It says to dress like it's 10 degrees warmer than it actually is.  So when I did my 3 mile run this morning in 57 degree weather, wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants was too much.  I kind of figured that when I was soaked about a mile in.

Dress for Success
Here’s a cheat sheet to help you dress appropriately for your runs, no matter what the thermometer says. This chart factors in the 10-Degree Rule but doesn’t account for a significant windchill. On very windy days, you may need to dress warmer.
(in degrees)
above 70Lightweight/light-colored singlet and shorts
60 to 69Tank top or singlet and shorts
50 to 59T-shirt and shorts
40 to 49Long-sleeve shirt and tights or shorts
30 to 39Long-sleeve shirt and tights
20 to 29Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
10 to 19Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
0 to 9Two/three upper-body layers, one/two lower-body layers
below 0Three upper-body layers, two lower-body layers

(see the link above to credit this gorgeous table)

I hope this helps in case any other beginner/intermediate runners had a similar question!

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