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Back to the grind.

Whew! Well, I can give you the quick and positive of my workouts since last blogging and then I'll get into the meat of it. Though, I feel like such a complainer to tell you ALL of it but I'm guessing it makes the rest of you feel better bout yourselves and maybe a little more normal. At least, I hope so.

As I sit here I am currently typing one-handed while feeding 9oz of formula/rice to my 14 week old Bennett. 

In addition, I just posted a positive status on facebook about my good day and then moments after THIS is what happened. Yes, that is my potty-training child's poopies. :-)

So, now that you know my current status. I've gone back to work and needless to say that despite my denial and supposed preparation, there's just no way that I could've prepared. I really tried, physically and emotionally. My family and friends have been supportive. It just is hard on the body...pregnancy and childbirth. I've continued going to the trainer since going back to work but not as frequently. I have allowed myself a couple of days break here and there when I started feeling worn down. I've had to stop breastfeeding as suggested by my doctor in addition to a viral issue that caused me to not be able to sleep or eat for almost a week. Whew. In that time though, I had the pleasure of the most amazing 10 mile run with Cecilia at Shelby Forest. It was the highlight of my past two weeks and everything has looked up from there, seriously. I didn't think I would be able to run the 10 miles and really just went out to spend the time with Cecilia. We both surprised ourselves! It really gave me the confidence in myself that I could do something right when everything was going wrong. Whew. I took the initiative to run 5 miles on Saturday pushing the stroller with Celia in it (31 lbs) and then started a month unlimited of hot/bikram yoga on Sunday morning. I went to the trainer today and I have a plan worked out for the next couple of weeks. The plan isn't very run intensive but I believe it will be sufficient. Happy Fall y'all!


What a Week(end)!