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Double Digits

You know you're in trouble when you see this.

Attention Please.

We ran 10 miles yesterday.  That would be my first double digit run.  Ever.  

And we had fun doing it.
Thanks to Brooke for making me laugh up this crazy ass hill.

We talked about our lives and our goals.  We complained and we listened.  We took in probably the most beautiful course I have ever seen.  We surpassed expectations.
I mean seriously?

Our long run for the week was 8 miles and so my goal had been to run the 8 miles and then walk the other 2.  When we hit the water table at 8 miles, I asked Brooke if she wanted to keep going.  Always my partner, she said yes.  So we ran 10 miles.
G-d's Beauty

No biggie.

I mean HOLY CRAP.  I am going to run a half marathon in a month and a half.  For the first time since starting my training, I truly believe I can do it.  It seems like yesterday I was amazing myself with running my first 10k!
Brooke hauling me in.

I feel so grateful for the self-pride running has given me.  As a mommy, it's easy to lose your SELF.  Everything is about your children, and that's okay.  You're a mom.  You're supposed to consume yourself with the well being of your children.  But we need to remember that we are people still.  People with dreams and goals.  We deserve to be proud of ourselves.  We deserve to surpass our expectations.
Almost Done.

Happy trails,

What a Week(end)!

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