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my own twist

First of all, so proud of Cecilia and her determination despite setbacks and challenges. She is giving 110%. You can't ask more of yourself! Keep up the good work!!!

Second of all, whew! This training experiences has been different than the other previous three half marathons (Nashville Rock N Roll in 2008, Memphis St. Jude in 2008, and Austin 3M in 2009) I have undertaken in that I am orchestrating through the Jewish holidays, have two young kids, I'm married, I'm (about to be returning to) working full time, AND I'm in school working on a doctorate. I’m sure I’ve mentioned all of this before, but like I said, whew!

I also have a habit I failed to mention. I have a tendency to put my own twist...on everything! I change recipes to suit my eating habits/diets/detoxes (kosher and neurotic), time, etc. I change child rearing suggestions from books though I'm supposed to do that, right?  So Cecilia and I are trying this detox and of course I’ve put my own twist on it for convenience mostly, but since when are detoxes about convenience. We’ll see if I have any results but I’m not expecting much. The detox seems fairly balanced and to make sense throughout the 7 days so that transitioning back into a normal diet will not be too hard on the body. Check it out if you’re interested. I do believe though that you can do anything well if you do it with confidence. Here is my thought process (if it seems random). As a teacher and mother, I don’t necessarily know the answer to every question but as long as we have honest and open communication, I can confidently discuss any topic. Same with the detox, I know a lot about nutrition, health, and exercise, and I believe that inserting my knowledge with confidence along with others’ ideas that I can be successful.

I also put my own twist on my training. I don't know if it's excuses or just doing the best I can, but I am not as strict about my run training through each week which should make for an interesting race. I haven't been running :-( I have been working out with a trainer (LEN! He's great! Let me know if you want his name and contact info) and I've done Insanity a few times. I haven't given up on the runs. It's always in the back of my mind and on the top of my guilt list (meaning I feel terribly guilty that I haven't been training properly).

I also have a list of goals. Since it IS the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, that we recently celebrated, in addition to my going back to work and trying to make sure my head is in order. I’ve created a list of goals off the top of my head, hopefully there will be others once I conquer these. Some are seemingly insignificant and I’ve also attempted (as a teacher) to put everything in a positive light…

1.     Be vigilant about my weekly allergy shots.
2.     Continue to work at losing my Bennett baby weight and being healthy.
3.     Continue working daily at my relationships, primarily with Ryan (my husband), as well as my close friends and family.
4.     Better manage a monthly budget and spending habits.
5.     Complete my residency paper on Followership.
6.     Read more. I believe it’s important to continuously be informed as well as to have my children see me reading regularly.
7.   Have people over more often to overcome my fear of imperfection. :-/
7.     Finally, I want to make every effort to spend quality time/moments with my children and not sacrifice that for seemingly significant daily humdrum. Define humdrum as you will. 
There were more though I can't remember right now.

Random but thought I'd put it out there, does anyone have a place I can stay Friday night (and come back to after the race) before the race??? I won't have the ability to drive to the race because we keep Shabbas. :-/ THANKS IN ADVANCE! Guess what…since writing this I’ve found a place to stay. IT IS ON!!! AND, I ran 4 today. Things are looking up!

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