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This and That

1.  I got a new toy on Friday.
I'd been wanting a Garmin GPS watch for a while and the new Forerunner 10 is perfect for my needs. Plus I got it in pink which is just perfect.  The guys at Breakaway were a huge help, as usual.  Please visit them for all your running needs!  Support your local businesses!

2.  I failed at that detox that Brooke talked about here.  I guess I just realized that as much as I love fruits and vegetables, I hate anything that makes me feel like I'm depriving myself.  I'm trying to get myself back on My Fitness Pal.  If you've never used that app, I highly recommend it.  It forces you to input everything you eat and counts your calories.  I'm less likely to eat that extra tootsie roll when I know I'll be putting it in My Fitness Pal.  I'm Ceciliastj on there if you want to be my friend!

3.  I skipped the 10 miler today due to time constraints with having to work at 11.  In doing that, I apparently also skipped my 7 miles.  I'M PISSED.  I'm frustrated with myself for not having the self control to quit hitting the snooze button.  I need help.  I also had cramps today which made my bed really lovely.

4.  I ordered some new cold weather running clothes from Old Navy.  I love this colder weather but I am so confused as to how to dress myself!  I'm guessing it will be a little trial and error.  Any suggestions?

5.  I'm working A LOT this week and I'm going to need a lot of help making sure I keep up with my running schedule.  Keep me honest peeps.  I need y'all.

6.  I'm okay with the fact that I'm a slower runner.  But it doesn't change the fact that I do try to improve my speed.  However, everytime I think I'm running faster, I feel like this is what I look like:

That's all I got.  Have a productive week and do your best to make someone smile at least daily.  It makes everything better :)

Happy trails!

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