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What a Week(end)!

It's Fall y'all.

The cold has hit.  When I started Couch to 5K last summer, I kind of quit running when the cold hit.  I had to basically start over again this spring.  But now that I freaking LOVE TO RUN (oh and I'm training for that half), I'm now running in a completely different temperature.

I love it.  I love that coldness you feel at first and the way you feel your body warm up.  It's splendid.  

So I kind of completely screwed up my runs this week due to all sorts of things but mainly just Life.  I was determined to pick back up this weekend so here's how it went down:


I didn't get out for my 3 miles until after dark.  You know, when it was colder and wetter.  I guess that was okay though because I ran faster than I have in a very long time.
Yay!  Faster than normal for these slow legs!  Check out the rain on my poor Garmin :(

Aren't these tights awesome???  I love them, except they kept falling down.  Weird.  Aren't tights supposed to be tight?  Oh and my poor Mizunos are nearing their end.

Happy runner face :)


I planned on running a 5 mile pace run that I had missed earlier in the week.  I'm all about different scenery these days so I looked up this map:
The red dots are trails here in my little town.  I ususally run that longer trail that runs north and south. I decided to change it up a little and run the trail to the left of my normal one.  I found the trail head and it looked good:

But then I hit a busy road and I couldn't figure out where the trail picked back up.  So I ran some sidewalks and decided to run into a subdivision that looked like it had some good hills.  I found this gorgeous lake with a great jogging trail around it:

I got around it and noticed I was apparently what you might call a "trespasser":

Oops.  Sorry Lakewood Trail Homeowners.  Y'all are more than welcome to come run my neighborhood.

Unfortunately my GI tract got the better of me (again) and I had to cut my run short and head to Target to use their facilities.  Awesome.


Long run day!  It's so weird how much I look forward to these.  I love to see how my body will react to pushing it's limits.  

9 miles was what Hal Higdon said I needed to run today, so 9 miles is what I did.  I ran the Greenline again.  I am so in love.  It has made me really appreciate Memphis and what we have to offer.  I started in Germantown and ran out a little over 4.5 miles until I was almost to Farm Road and Walnut Grove!  Whoa!  And then I ran back.  I had a Clif Gel Shot around 5.5 miles and I wore my Camelbak for hydration.  I really feel like my Camelbak slows me down but it's necessary for longer runs.

And now for the beauty of the trails:

This is an offshoot of the main trail.  It has lots of leaves to crunch!

Almost to Walnut Grove!

The bridge over the Wolf River

Wolf River

It's a little hilly in areas
Jealous yet?

Not winning any races any time soon but still pretty darn proud of myself!

This is what I look like after 9 miles.  Sexy.

That's it y'all!  I hope it was a great weekend for everyone and that you all got some exercise in!

Do you have trails where you live that you run?  What is your favorite mid-run nutrition?  Do you run the same route or do you like to change it up?

Back to the grind.

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