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HBBC Week One Recap

I previously mentioned that I was participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC), and today is the last day of Week 1.  It was a great week and I'm really happy with what I accomplished.  I'm generally not one to overeat on Thanksgiving, but this challenge really kept me accountable.  Here's a rundown of where my points came from:

I'm sure you all read my #MoveItMonday post right over here, so that's the awesome core workout I did.  Plus I worked for 10 hours and I'm estimating that was about 3 miles of walking.  Yes, pharmacists do not sit.  Ever.  Here was my super yummy lunch:
The blackberries, spinach, and half of an avocado were part of my 7 servings of fruits and veggies!

I didn't get to workout on Tuesday because Josh had some dental work done.  I also didn't get my fruits and veggies in, but I did stretch and rest.

I worked 8 hours on Wednesday and I'm guessing that was about 3 miles of walking again because we were so busy!  I guess everyone wanted their drugs the day before Thanksgiving!  My lunch plate looked exactly the same as that one above.  What can I say, I'm a creature of habit :)  I got 8 servings of fruits and veggies this day.

I ran 3 miles before tackling some heavy duty cooking and cleaning.  Hey, look how skinny my legs look in my shadow!  Oh, and I'm getting closer to breaking 30 minutes for 3 miles!  I wish I had Turkey Trotted but I'll save that for next year I hope.  It was a great Thanksgiving and running definitely tops my list of things I'm thankful for this year.
Look at that sexy lady cooking some squash.  Oh wait, that's me ;)

Josh and Lexi, I love this picture.  It just oozes cuteness and love.

Lyla through the screen door.  Ugh she's irresistably gorgeous.  And she knows it.
I forgot to take a picture of Garmin, but I ran 5 miles.  I thought it felt really hard and I was feeling a little defeated after I was done.  But then I compared it to my time from last week's 5 miles and realized I was about 2 minutes faster.  #WINNING.

I worked 10 hours on Saturday, estimating another 3 miles walking.  I ate my 7 fruits and veggies, including this delicious quinoa salad that I'll be sharing soon.  It is so yummy, and so good for you!  I did some foam rolling which helped for...

12 miles!!!  It was my last long run before the St. Jude Half next weekend and I killed it!
I set my virtual pacer for a 12 minute mile and as you can see above, I kept getting alerted that I was "ahead of pace".  I love it when Garmin beeps that at me :)  It was an amazing run.  The temperature was 32 degrees when I left the house which really intimidated me, but I warmed up quickly.  I ran an out and back with my turn around point being my Kroger!  So I ran to my work then back...how cool is that???  I organized a great hydration and fuel strategy that really worked well:

3 miles:  water
4 miles:  3 Clif Shot Blok Gels and water
6 miles:  water
8 miles:  Strawberry Clif Gel and water
9 miles:  water
12 miles:  DUNZO

My clothing choice was also perfection.  I wore my Pro Compression Socks under some running tights from Target that have a light layer of fleece on the inside, a pair of shorts over them, and a long sleeve Nike shirt, plus a headband ear warmer thingy.

My right knee sort of started to hurt around 10 miles and it felt like it could give out.  I got really nervous but I just kept going.  The pain went away so I'm not worried about it.  I'll be icing it tonight.

I had to work for 6 hours after that so that was another 3 miles of walking!  I definitely wore some compression socks!  My legs are a little tired but not as bad as they could be.

Running definitely makes me want to eat healthier and I was able to get 7 servings of fruits and veggies in today.

So that's it!  I'm really enjoying the challenge and getting to chat with other runners.  The running community is so helpful and motivating.  I'm so thankful to be able to consider myself a runner.  Thank you to Amanda for such a wonderful Challenge!


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