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I had a great day today. Why? Because I changed my attitude and quit feeling sorry for myself. So I didn't do my long run yesterday...there are people in the Northeast that don't have a home.

That's called Perspective.

Anyway, my tech and close friend, Sheena, and I have decided to embark on a trail towards a healthy inside as well as outside. One of our goals is to quit talking about people. I know it's tough. We even adopted a special acronym: SAP


Stop and pray for the strength to overcome obstacles. Stop and pray for those around you.


You'll see it trending soon, no doubt.

I'm starting a new feature on MommiesRun called Move It Monday. We all should work to start our weeks on a good note and exercise does that for me! Here's what I did today:

And here's what I looked like afterwords. Sexy:

#moveitmonday, #stopandpray

I Couldn't Help Myself