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#MoveItMonday and #MotivationalMonday

Aren't theme days so much fun?  So last week was my first #MoveItMonday which was a lot of fun, especially the next day when my thighs felt like bricks.  Loved it.  No, seriously.

Apparently it's also #MotivationalMonday which I freaking love.  I know it's just some picture on the Internets that someone put some snazzy quote on, but I love it.

Like this one:

Yep.  We're always improving.

Here is my workout for #MoveItMonday:

How awesome is that workout!  I'm sure I'll be feeling it for the next couple of days!  My legs are feeling okay after my 10 mile run yesterday.  I wore my new snazzy Pro Compression Socks which help your legs recover.  My only complaint is a little hip soreness but I pretty much expect that.

Make it a great week friends!

Happy Trails,


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