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Thinking Ahead...

While perusing my Runner's World magazine, I happened to notice something interesting in the back under the race listings.

The race takes place in Greenville, Mississippi which happens to be the city where my great-grandparents lived.  My Grandma Cecile (who I was named after) and my Auntie Rae grew up there.  My father spent summers there when he was younger.  And I grew up visiting there about once a month when my great-grandparents were still alive.  I haven't been back in a REALLY long time.

So when I casually mentioned the race in a text to my father, I should have known what his thoughts would have been.  Naturally he pushed me to do it, saying he'd pay for the registration (score) and we could bring Lexi and Lyla so they could see Greenville.  I said I needed a day to think about it.  It's 2 months after the St. Jude half so I won't get a full training in.

I'm doing it.

I just registered and I feel really good about it.  I know my family will be by my side.  Literally and figuratively.  I'm sure my father will cry and Auntie Rae will tell me how she wishes "Sister", my Grandma, could see me.  I'm really excited to make them all proud and to represent the Topols of Greenville!

Have you ever run a race that means more to you than just the miles?  Do you have a good training guide for prepping for a half in 2 months?

Happy Trails,

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