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What's Happening

Running Last Week:

There were 2 highlights to my runs last week:
1.  On my 5 miles, I ran negative splits!  It was supposed to be a pace run but I got feisty.  Loved it.
2.  My long run of 11 miles was freaking awesome!  No negative splits there but it felt good and it
     increased my confidence as we head into less than 2 weeks until St. Jude.

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2012:

This challenge started yesterday over at RunToTheFinish.  I'm not sure if you can still sign up or not but if you can, you totally should!  There are great prizes you can win, plus we can all use support in staying healthy over the holidays.  I'll be tracking my weekly points here.


I've already chatted with some awesome people and can't wait to see what the challenge will bring to my bod!

St. Jude Give Thanks Walk:

Lexi, Lyla, and I participated in this nationwide event on Saturday with my parents.  It was a beautiful morning and the girls really enjoyed it.  Lexi pretty much walked the whole thing and I was so proud of her!  Lyla walked some, sat in the stroller some, and got carried some.  I'm so proud of their interest in fitness and I hope this will carry on forever.  I'm pretty sure Lexi will be my running buddy one day.

Pro Compression Socks

I'm pretty much obsessed with these guys for my long runs.  I have the pink argyle socks and I have to say they really do work.  My legs feel energized on my long runs and they recover so quickly.  No jelly legs here!  I'm thinking about trying them at work too.  Standing for 12 hours is not easy!

I know I was all over the place here, but I had so many thoughts swirling in my brain!

What are you thankful for?
What is the one food you can't wait for on Thursday?

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