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Candy canes

Yeah, so it's been a few days and I haven't done well keeping up. It's hard to count all of those cookies and treats :-/ I have gone to the trainer three times this week despite my own personal resistance and I've worked hard. I'd say Wednesday's workout was the least hard but I was pretty sore on Thursday. I am loving the new harder workouts, high weight and multiple sets, like up to 6. Though, I weighed myself the other day and there are no lbs dropping from this bod. It could be all of those sweet treats lying around and being handed out by my students. For the most part, my meals are well balanced. I had roasted carrots and quinoa for dinner last night, then a few vanilla wafers. :-/ For lunch the past two days I had the crock pot bbq chicken with the roasted carrots. I've tried to re-introduce my Target brand protein shakes back into my daily routine. My breakfasts have been a challenge though. I'm out of cereal at the house. I had a BK egg and cheese biscuit WITH tater tots for breakfast yesterday. I had greek yogurt AND a birthday cake pop (from Starbucks) with my coffee this morning, but of course I'm still hungry (currently 826am). The other morning, maybe it was Wednesday, I ate leftover eggs with yellow bell peppers from dinner the night before with...half an apple and pb. Yesterday I didn't have as much of a hunger issue and I anticipated some swelling from the saltiness of breakfast, but I didn't notice any AND the trainer mentioned that my belly seemed to be going down more, so...not really sure what to think. Suggestions? Thoughts?

I'd love (for Cecilia mostly) to make suggestions of good workout apps for your phone that might be useful.

On another previous post note, I recently got a Polar FT7 watch/hr monitor and love IT though it does not do the running stuff that the Garmin does. I believe it only cost like $80.

K, back to the "students"...it's the first exam day but the exam isn't until 1:04, sigh...happy healthy days!

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