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I Love A Challenge!

By now you all know that I'm participating in Amanda's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC).

I'm not killing it like I had hoped, but I'm having fun and meeting new people that share a love of running and all things healthy.  These ladies are all so inspirational and great motivators and I will keep doing this challenge every year that Amanda hosts it!

Since, I'm loving HBBC, I've signed up for a few other challenges that start in 2013.  Maybe some of them will interest you, and if so, please go sign up!  They are all open to more participants so feel free to join me.

13 in 2013 is an awesome challenge hosted by Jill and Jen.  This challenge involves committing to running 13 races in 2013.  They can be 13 trail races, 5K's, 10K's, 13.1's, or 26.2's.  I signed up for the variety pack.  I know that I will never win any of my races, but I love the atmosphere of races.  I love talking to different people and cheering strangers on.  Runners get each other and races are the perfect arena for this.  I'm super excited about this challenge!

Chilly Challenge is a running challenge that Amy and Janine are hosting.  They each have a team and you basically run and see which team racks up the most miles.  Nothing to it except the opportunity to cheer your teammates on and win some fun prizes!  I joined Team Running Escapades, mostly because I just like the word "escapade".  Kind of takes me back to the old Janet Jackson days.  

StartClean Banner with text.jpg

Start Clean 2013 is a clean eating challenge hosted by Katie.  I've been trying to incorporate a lot of Clean Eating principles into my diet lately, and I love this idea of daily prompts from Katie.  I'm hoping that starting Clean will help pave the way for a healthy 2013!

That's it for now. 

Are you participating in any of these challenges?
Are you participating in a challenge I don't know about?

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