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It's So Much Fun-akkah to celebrate Chanukah!

It's totally the fifth night of Chanukah, and I'm totally a slacker.  Guess what?!

You get THREE nights of gifts tonight!  I should really use that little "Schedule post" button.

So nights 3, 4, and 5...

What you need:

Night 3:

This is the Garmin Forerunner 10.  It's the simplest GPS watch that Garmin makes and I absolutely love it.  Of course I have the pink one :)  My favorite feature is the Virtual Pacer.  You set it for whatever pace you want to keep and then it beeps at you if you are too fast or too slow.  I highly recommend this watch if you are a newbie runner or even an elite!

Night 4:

See that cool orange headband in my hair?  That's a Chica Band.  I have a really weird shaped melon I guess, and no headbands will stay in my hair.  Except ChicaBands.  I absolutely adore this thing.  You need this. And the good news is, you might just have a chance to win one soon...Stay tuned.

Night 5:

A subscription to a magazine is always a cool gift in my opinion.  And Runner's World Magazine is like the coolest magazine ever.  I get so excited when my magazine comes every month.  I tear pages out and take pictures with my phone just to remember certain things.  They have the best info when it comes to preparing for races.  I highly recommend Runner's World for any runner in your life!

What I want:

Nights 3, 4, and 5:
RUN:Bundle Up Jacket
Lululemon Bundle Up Jacket

RUN:Swiftly Tech LS
Lululemon Swiftly Tee

RUN:Runder Under Pant
Lululemon Runder Under Pants

Let's face it, running clothes are the bomb.  And Lululemon has it figured out when it comes to all workout clothes.  It's just that they are ridiculously expensive.  A girl can dream right?

That's it!  Happy Chanukah!

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