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My Day In Pictures

A little while ago, Brooke texted me and asked me how my day was:

I took a lot of pictures today so I'm going to show her (and all of you lovely readers), what I did today!

I really liked my running outfit today.  We don't have a full length mirror, thus the awkward pose.  Hair's a little wild but sexy nonetheless ;)

Score.  I found 10 buckaroos in my wristlet!  I'll put that to good use later.

I ran a new-to-me trail today.

It had a cute bridge which I always love.

Oh look!  Another cute bridge!

Look at this crazy boardwalk.  I'm not going to lie, I thought I might break it.

Done!  It only ended up being about 2.6 miles but it felt great!

Honestly, I just like shadows.  I really liked this one of me because my legs looked super long.  Like I should run like a Kenyan with these legs.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my next stops.  I went to get gas then I stopped at my Kroger for some Red Bull and a little howdy with my pharmacy folks.  

Then I headed to the sports store to stock up on some fuel for my next rounds of long runs.  After a lot of people have talked up Honey Stinger products to me, I've decided to try their waffles and chews.  Stay tuned...

Of course while I was out I had to treat myself to a little Starbucks.  Never leave home without your Gold card.  Ever.

I ended up heading back to Kroger to get stuff for dinner.  I donated that found money to the Salvation Army on my way into the store.  You might have seen my Tweet about the stares I got for my compression socks.  Jealous.

Not sure why this ended up blurry but I made a lot of roasted veggies with dinner.  Oh my, they were so delicious.  I feel healthy just thinking about them.

But then the girls asked me to make these sugar cookie bars.  Now I don't feel so healthy.  

And that's my day!  Yes, it was as awesome as it looked, thanks for asking.  Tomorrow I have a 6 mile run scheduled and I'm a little nervous because it's my longest run since the half on December 1st.  I feel good though so I'm hoping it will go well.

How was your Saturday?

Did you eat your vegetables today?

How did you sweat today?

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