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Put On Your Yarmulke, It's Time for Chanukah!

Happy second night of Chanukah!  My girls are loving lighting the Menorah although they really want to blow out the candles.

Kind of takes away the whole "miracle" aspect of the holiday.  They're also pretty obsessed with their chocolate coins.  Oy.

So are you ready to spend more Gelt?  Let's do this...

What you need:

I've discussed my love for Pro Compression Socks before.  I've even taken lots of pictures of me in my socks:
But now I'm telling you...GO GET SOME NOW!  I'm not cool enough (yet) to be able to host a giveaway, otherwise I'd be giving you some.  There are discount codes floating around such as SOM12 and FIT40.  These codes will get you 40% off.  I know it still seems pricey but they are SO WORTH IT.  My legs recover so quickly after long runs.  Did you order some yet?  What are you freaking waiting for????

What I want:
Running Race Bib and Running Medals Holder - My Races
From Etsy shop StrutYourStuffSignCo

So as of right now, I have one medal, but I intend on getting more.  I'd love to have something nice to display them.  Mostly so 4 year old hands don't get on them, but also because I have to work hard to earn them.  I'd like for my girls to one day appreciate that they too can work hard to earn cool things.

Disclaimer:  I'm not posting this stuff for people (meaning parents) to buy it for me!  But thank you, if you do! :)

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