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So Have A Happy Happy Happy Chanukah!

Let's go back in time and pretend like it's still Chanukah.

I missed nights 7 and 8, and I owe y'all more presents.  Plus, my kids keep asking if we can do Chanukah, so it's okay to relive the moments of joy.

So here are your final gifts.  I hope the holiday season has been good to everyone, and for those celebrating Christmas next week, HO HO HO!!!

What you need:

Speed 2
This is the Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt.  I love this for my long runs because it allows for more water plus I can store my Gu for fuel.  It is extremely comfortable and I barely even notice I have it on!  I love that I can stick my ID in the pocket and it has another little pocket on the front for my trash!

I joined my local runner's club this year, MRTC, and it was one of the best things I did.  I highly recommend the gift of membership to your local running club.  Besides the discounted race entry fees, you can meet new friends and get that feeling of camaraderie that runners share.

What I want:

Brooke and I had been running some trails this past summer and we are also planning on running in the MRTC Winter Off Road Race Series.  I really need some good trail running shoes and because I'm so fond of my Brooks Glycerin 10's, I think I'd like to try these Brooks Cascadia 7's.  Don't worry, before I buy, I will definitely be hitting my local running store to make sure these are right for my feet!

So the last thing I want for Chanukah, is a new PR (Personal Record for the non-runners) at my next  half.  I obviously didn't meet my goal at my first half, but I'm determined to get it right in February!  This is something that nobody can give me, but myself.  It's all about hard work and determination, baby!

That's it friends!  I hope you all enjoyed my wish lists for you and for myself!  Be kind to others and remember that it's better to give than to receive :)

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