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St. Jude Half Marathon Recap, Part One

We somehow made it through race week all in one piece, without losing our minds.  Ok, the whole losing our mind thing probably only applies to me, Cecilia.  Brooke is always cool as a cucumber!  I only ran twice in order to follow Mr. Higdon's advice about resting.  It's crazy how much your body begins to crave running.  I also worked hard to eat really well all week.  Anyhoo, we made it.

Race Expo:
Being that this was my first big race and my first half, this was my first expo.  We sailed right through packet pickup and then we came upon this screen that apparently sensed our tags on our bibs and showed our names.  We were kind of amazed and stood here looking at it for a little while:
"How does it know we're here???"

We looked around for a while and I got some new Swiftwick Compression Socks.  While I was checking out, Brooke took the girls on a walk to find some food.  I wish I had a picture, but my response will have to suffice.  I turned a corner and found Lexi and Lyla taking their first taste of Gu. All I could say was, "Seriously?".  And then the next thing I knew I had a handful of Gu as Lyla said, "I want it out of my mouth!".  Luckily, the chocolate milk folks were right there:
I die.  Look at those emerging curls!
We got some shirts from the nice guys at the Mississippi River Marathon booth whom I follow on twitter.  I sent them a link to my post about their race and they promised us shirts.  They were super nice and I'm looking forward to seeing them in February!  Hi Guys!

We headed over to the St. Jude Heroes area to get Lexi and Lyla some pasta and bread.  They got their carb loading in and even a little dancing!  All that excitement caused one little lady to fall asleep on the way home and the other one to get hyped up!
Fortunately, my in-laws, Preston and Charmaine, offered to watch the girls that night so I could get some good rest.  This allowed Josh and I to have a nice relaxing pasta dinner.  I really don't know why I just typed "relaxing".  I was not relaxed.  I bounced from room to room as I tried to get everything together for race day.
I layed out my outfit and decided I was happy with it.  I "earned" my St. Jude Hero singlet by raising $418 and I was definitely wearing it!  And then it was time to get in bed.  My house was quiet and I eventually drifted off to sleep....


HBBC 2012 Week 2

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