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Tell Your Friend Veronica, It's Time To Celebrate Chanukah!

Technically would today be DAY 6 of Chanukah?  I'm honestly not up for that math right now.  So let's just pretend like I posted this last night, ok?


So without further ado, here's your shopping list for the night (day)...

What you need:

These are YurBuds.  They are the absolute best ear buds for running or any other workout you may do.  They stay in your ears, no matter how sweaty you get.  Other buds I've used would slip out of my ears when I would get sweaty or if I ran in the rain.  These beauties do NOT.  They lock in and stay put.  I got mine in orange (GO VOLS) but they come in several other colors.  I usually only wear one bud while I run just to stay vigilant, and these allow the perfect amount of sound to come through.  I love them.  You need them.

What I want:

This is the Wrist ID Slim from Road ID.  It's a personalized bracelet with emergency contact info in case anything should (G-d forbid), ever happen while you are out on a run.  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the reality is, there are some crazy people out there.  I tend to be one of the people that thinks nothing will ever happen to me, but that's not smart, and I know it.  This might be something I purchase for myself, for real.

Happy Chanukah, y'all!

So Have A Happy Happy Happy Chanukah!

Candy canes