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What you eat in private...

(short and sweet from Brooke) So my personal trainer that I have employed for help since two weeks after having the baby, August 7th to be exact, often tells me and his words haunt me with every enjoyable bite of bad food I put in my mouth, "what you eat in private shows in public". I believe that my eating habits, not my workout habits are now my problem. I'm pretty close to my goal weight post-baby (Bennett is his name, with a big smile on my face.) and I think I need to change it up a little to get there. Up until now I've been careful about my eating habits, specifically minimum carbohydrate intake and maximum fruits, veggies and protein intake, but...I think I can do better. I want to do better. I really cut back on cheese which I think was helpful. I need to drink more water though I do tote around a liter Smart Water with me all day everyday. I try to drink a whole one just while in the shower in the mornings to get ahead for the day because I know once I get busy at school that I won't think about it or try as hard. I still take a prenatal vitamin though I am no longer nursing (tear) along with a whole other slew of medicines for allergies mainly. I am trying to start Juice Plus as well. (I haven't run much since the race though my workout today with the trainer probably made up for that.)

Alright, so here's my thought...for a week, I'm going to try to log with you EVERYthing that I consume-drinks, OTC medicine/vitamins, and food. I'm going to cut out carbs as much as possible, attempt to lower my sugar intake, and really work on increasing my protein. My trainer (Len) gave me an eating "guide". I interpret it as a guide, though not his words. His exacts words were "if it is not on this list, do not eat it." I am not very good with limits and authority unless I am the limit and the authority, so...here we go...join me if you'd like.

Breakfast @ approximately 6am on the go-two little cups of coffee with a packet and a half of truvia, one cup of cheerios (I'm OCD about measuring my cereal), half cup of quaker oat squares (they're awesome!), and a handful of craisins (sugar :-/). I also took my 24 hour allegra, prenatal vitamin, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and a nasal spray (not OTC, oops). Oh, I also purchased the Naked Green Machine smoothie at Costco the other day, so I'm having about 8oz of it every morning with my breakfast. Whew. Sounds like a lot huh?

Snack @ approximately 8am-half a fuji apple and half a peanut butter "to go" cup. In addition, I had two reese's pb cups :-/ and a kit kat snack size :-/ My students were doing presentations and brought candy to hand out during their game.

Lunch @ approx. 10am-roasted broccoli and carrots, and two hot dogs. Also around lunch time (4th period) everyday I have one liter of water with a crystal light packet and an emergen-c in it. I drink the whole thing. By that time I hopefully have had a liter of water since being at school, but not today.

Snack @ 1pm-honey flavored greek yogurt.

Post workout @ approx. 5pm-Target brand protein bar (approx 200 calories and I believe about 15 grams of protein).

I've prepared my dinner but haven't eaten it yet (it's 630pm)-2 eggs scrambled with half a yellow bell pepper and sauteed spinach over a little bit of shredded cheese.

Whew. Until tomorrow...What did YOU eat today???

It's So Much Fun-akkah to celebrate Chanukah!

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