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HBBC Final Week

I kind of forgot this was the last week for HBBC.  I wish I had gone out with a bang, but I honestly didn't.  I do want to take this time to thank Amanda for a great challenge.  She is such an amazing motivator and a truly good person.  I can not imagine how many hours she put into this challenge, but without fail, she would comment or like on every post on the Facebook group.  

The biggest thing I took out of this challenge was how easy it is to incorporate 7-9 servings of fruits into my day.  I have been working on eating clean (I'm also participating in Katie's Start Clean 2013 Challenge), and tons of fruits and veggies goes along with this.  I've always loved "freggies", but now I find myself eating them constantly!

The other awesome part of this challenge was "meeting" new people.  The Facebook group was an awesome resource.  I've been contemplating going vegetarian and as soon as I mentioned it, tons of people commented with valuable information!  I hope that we can all continue to communicate!

So here was my week in points:

FB- 1
Freggies- 1
Plank workout - 3
Stretch - 1

FB - 1
Freggies - 1
5 by the 5th 5 miles - 5

FB - 1
Plank workout - 3

FB -1
Freggies - 1
Stretch and foam roll - 2

FB - 1
Freggies - 1
4 mile treadmill - 4

FB - 1
Freggies - 1
Walk 4 miles - 4

TOTAL:  33


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