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#Motivational Monday

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We all have dreams.  They don't have to stay dreams, though.  We can make them a reality by working our butts off.  I had a dream to run a half marathon.  I did it.  Now I have a dream to run that half marathon faster.  

I WILL do it.  I'm putting in the work and I can feel victory in my grasp.

But I'm going to let y'all in on another secret dream.  It's a dream that I haven't really even told Brooke about.  It's something I've only really discussed with Josh.  He agrees with me.  He supports me.

I want to run a full marathon.  G-d willing, I will be running it on December 7th for St. Jude.  It will take hard work.  But it's a dream, and I can make this dream come true.  I know it's a lifetime away at this point, but I'm tired of keeping this dream a secret.  

I don't care if you think I'm crazy.

I don't care if you don't think I can do it.

It's my dream.  And it will become my reality.

#MoveItMonday is cancelled this week due to extreme fatigue from a heavy running filled weekend.  

Do you have any secret dreams?

Do you ever have running dreams?
- I had a dream the other night that I ran my next half in 2:12.  I'd be seriously pumped if this happened.  
-I also have a recurring dream where I am running so fast that my feet don't touch the ground.

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