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Race Recap: Stanky Creek 5K

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of running my very first trail race with MRTC.  I've really only run true trails a couple of times with Brooke last summer so I was super excited!  Stanky Creek is known for the mud so I was prepared to get DIRT-TAY.

Not Impressed
Thanks to the updated Maps App, I got lost getting there and ended up in some random neighborhood as my "destination".  Thanks Siri.  Luckily I had left with plenty of time so I was able to find it, park, and get there with time to stretch.  I was really hoping to meet some Moms from the Memphis Moms Run This Town group but it didn't happen :(

I squeezed into the crowd and ended up next to a girl who was my shoe twin.
Brooks Cascadia's
And then we were off!  We had to run maybe a tenth of a mile on the road before we headed into the

The trail is a single track so it was really hard trying to pass anyone.  I got frustrated at first but then I remembered that I wasn't doing this race for a PR.  I just wanted to run a trail and have fun.  And not get injured.

People were falling all over the place and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I hit the deck.  I was totally prepared for it, but I wasn't expecting to be picked up immediately before any bodily harm could occur!  Thank you to the big man behind me that picked me up and then took off! So I fell once.  Not too bad considering all the other falls happening around me!  

I do have a few complaints:
1.  Do not wear headphones on a trail race like this.  You really need to hear the people around you.  There were a couple of times that I tried to make moves to pass people and I nearly got taken out because they couldn't hear me saying, "On your left".
2.  I'm all for bringing your kids to fun races like this.  Heck, I plan on bringing Lexi and Lyla one day if they want to come.  But please don't let your kid ask every couple of minutes, "are we there yet?".  It's only a little annoying.

My official time was 35:55. Nothing special but like I said, I had to give up on any PR dreams when I realized this wasn't going to be that kind of race. I would definitely do this race again. I love trails and the different muscles that get used. I was definitely sore in different places the next day!

Do you run trails?

Have you ever fallen during a race?


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