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Run Recap #1

I realized that I haven't been talking about running lately.  I have so many runs that I want to talk about so I'll have to do this as a series!  Lucky y'all!

I'm going to start with my 10 mile training run from Saturday.  Basically we can call it the "I am a RUNNER" run.

I'm sure y'all remember that I'm currently training for the Mississippi River Half Marathon.  If you didn't remember that, you can always click on that link and refresh your memory.  Because of my abysmal performance in my first half, I'm really pushing for the sub 2:30 time for this half.  I actually strayed from Hal Higdon for my training schedule and I'm using a program on the RunKeeper App.  It does a great job of combining long runs, speed workouts, and easy runs.

My prescribed run for the day was a 10 mile long run.  RunKeeper told me:

"Steady Pace is 11:20-11:40 pace.  Practice your eating and drinking strategies for the race during your long runs."
 Yikes.  Eating and Drinking.  I was nervous.  I feel like this, besides the hot and humid weather, was my downfall at St. Jude.  I decided to experiment with some different fuel this go around.  I brought some Honey Stinger Chews
I also brought my fuel belt and filled the bottles up with water.  The weather was about 55 degrees so I wore this shirt from GapFit

This running skirt from Lululemon

 Full Stride Skirt*T

I also wore some Purple Procompression Socks and my Brooks Glycerin 10s.  

Why am I documenting all of this?  

Because it was the perfect run friends.  

(For the record and for my memory, I had Chobani with cereal for breakfast and a bagel with almond butter for a late morning snack.  Plus a liter of water.)

Ok, so I set my virtual pacer to 11:30 and set out.  It was windy and of course, I was running into the wind.  I passed quite a few bikers.  How hard is it to yell out, "On your left?".  Seriously.  At 1 mile I realized I was going faster than I was "supposed" to be going.  So I slowed it down a little for the next 3 miles.  Honestly, I knew that the purpose of the long run is to build endurance.  I just felt like it was SUPER slow.  

Avg Pace

I ate 2 of my chews and then I decided to break the rules.  I started running faster.  My legs told me they wanted to move so I listened to them.  For some reason my mantra for the run was:
"I AM a runner."
I worked the hills silly.  It was like I'd been running for years.  I took 2 more chews after 7 miles.  Look at how much I sped up after that!  I guess I needed some fuel!  I only took a couple of sips of my water around mile 8.  I'm thinking drinking the liter of water during the day before my run was key.


I felt so good throughout the run.  No pain anywhere.  My breathing felt even.  My stomach never felt full.


When my Garmin beeped that I had one more mile to go, I kicked it into another gear.  I had it in me. My last mile was my fastest mile.  
"I AM a runner."


For the record, that's almost 20 minutes faster than my last 10 miler.  Holy crap.  Maybe this sub 2:30 half is going to happen.  

Two more thoughts before I go.  
        1.  Why oh why do some women wear perfume when they are out running, 
             walking, biking, etc?
        2.  Dude, are you really puffing on a cigar?  Are you trying to kill me with
            your toxic fumes?

When was your last perfect run?

Do you ever have a specific mantra for your run?

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