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My tech, Sheena, who also happens to be one of my very close friends, went to Bible Study last Wednesday.  Although we are different religions, I enjoy her sharing her lessons with me, because we both believe in the power of our faiths.  Inspiration can be found in so many different places, you just have to open your eyes sometimes.  

Sheena was telling me about some of the topics discussed and then she shared with me, what would become my new favorite running mantra:  

I instantly wrote it down.  I made it my own.  And then I lived it.  I'll be recapping my race from this weekend soon, but I repeated this mantra over and over again from mile 9 to the finish line.  It was a beautiful feeling.  

I'm going to skip #MoveItMonday this week because I'm taking a few days to recover before diving into another shortened training cycle.  

Happy Monday everyone!  

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