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In the pharmacy world, we call our pharmacists that we work with, our partners.  Our partners are our friends, our family, and our sanity.  This motivational picture came from my partner, Ben.  Ben started out as my student and we were blessed when he got a job and got to stay at my pharmacy.  He has been MY motivation for the past few years to be not only a better pharmacist, but a healthier pharmacist.  Ben has lost a ton of weight through swimming and has always been more than supportive with my running.  Unfortunately for me, Ben will be moving on to another pharmacy soon but I know we will always remain "partners".  I'll always be there to bust your ass, Benji.  

Don't forget it.

Six-Pack Summer Abs Workout  Via @FoodFitandFam

This abs circuit is from the adorable Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family.  Since I'm still on the bench with stress fracture, I'm still working on my arms and abs a lot.  I love circuit workouts and this one looks like fun!  Well, as much fun as it can be when you're working your abs!

Have a good week MR readers!

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