Peace out January, Hello February

And just like that, the first month of 2013 is out of here.  Let's take a look at our current state of affairs based on January challenges and my 2013 goals, shall we?

Janurary Challenges:

13 in 13:  This is actually a year long challenge where I will run 13 races in 2013.  I only ran one race in January but that is ok.  I have 5 races planned for February and March so I'm feeling good with my progress so far.

Chilly Challenge:  This challenge involved running as many miles as possible in January for my team, Team Escapades.  I logged 60 miles, and I wish I could have logged more.  My nagging ankle kept me back in the last week.  Unfortunately, our team lost by about 400 miles (so not all on my shoulders).  I really enjoyed this challenge and loved feeling a sense of responsibility to my team!

Start Clean 2013:  I pretty much failed miserably at this challenge.  I'm not saying that I didn't eat clean, because for the most part, I did.  I just failed at keeping up with the daily prompts and the Facebook group.  I guess this challenge taught me that clean eating is easier FOR ME, if I just do it.  I can't be held accountable to prompts.  However, I think Katie did a great job with this challenge, so kudos to her!

New Year New Gear:  I don't think I ever wrote about this challenge, but involved having a fitness pen pal and sending each other fun gifts!  I'll be writing more about this later :)

2013 Goals:

1.  I'm at 60 out of 1000 miles for 2013.  Not terrible but could be better.  The ankle has held me back a little but I still feel confident that I can achieve this goal!

2.  The only 5k I've run so far was a trail race so I knew that I would not get that sub-30 5K there.  I'll have plenty of other opportunities so stay tuned on that one.

3.  My next half is next weekend, and I will be pushing for my sub 2:30 goal.  Honestly, up until recently I thought I had this in the bag.  I hate to bring up that ankle again, but it has seriously shaken my confidence.  I guess stay tuned again.

4.  The snooze button issue is a giant fail so far.  There was only ONE day out of 31 where I did not hit snooze.  This is not only a fail, but an epic fail.

5.  In my opinion, my blogging has improved this month!  I posted 16 times and I was featured on 2 blogs, Healthy Way To Cook and Fitblogger.  I've been trying to improve at commenting on other blog.  I'm also going to be participating in a February challenge that will help as well (see below).

Not Impressed?
So clearly I have room for improvement in all areas.  I'm happy with this.  It would suck if I went out guns blazing and achieved all my goals and then was stuck with nothing.  I really do love participating in challenges so I'm starting February with a few more!

February Challenges:

Jess's February Fitness Challenge:  Hit the link and you'll see the coolest printable ever.  Jess has created a challenge that will help me get some strength training going.  I love that I can print out a chart and make myself accountable.

Katy's 28 day Blog Challenge:  I'm super excited about this challenge.  This will hopefully help me achieve one of my 2013 goals of growing my blog!  It involves making a positive change to your blog or social media every day!  

One Tough Mother Runner's photo a day challenge:  Long title but fun challenge!  This will take place on instagram.  Here are the daily photos that we will be posting:

Please feel free to join in and make sure and add me as your friend!  Here is my info:

That's it peeps!  Thank you for reading this wordy post!  Have a fab weekend :)

What challenges are you participating in?

Are you meeting your goals so far?