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What I Ate Wednesday #8

Peas and Crayons

It's "Love Your Veggies Month" over at Peas and Crayons, so I hope y'all are eating your veggies!  I myself went a little salad overboard today but it just so happens that I love spinach!!  I really love all veggies and it would be a struggle for me to think of a veggie that I don't love.  Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with roasting veggies...mmmmm roasted brussel sprouts.

I started today with a solid breakfast of microwave mug egg whites, a Kashi blueberry waffle, strawberries, and coffee.  I ended up getting an iced coffee on my way into work but used my special Silk creamer.  I'm also really into putting plain almond milk in my coffee these days.  Here's how I make my egg whites in a mug:

Spray a mug with cooking spray
Add your egg whites
Microwave for 45 seconds then stir
Microwave an additional 1 minute
Season with your favorite seasonings and devour

Look Doc!  I'm taking my Calcium + Vitamin D!  And don't worry, I had some delicious Chobani for a snack.  Keep reading because this was a double Chobani day.  This Spinach Harvest salad is my favorite.  It has these cajun spiced pecans in it that are just amazing.  Love it.  

You want to know how to be my best friend?  Surprise me with Starbucks.  That's exactly what my new friend Kristin did.  I met Kristin through our Memphis Moms Run This Town Facebook group.  She is so sweet and is actually studying to become a pharmacy technician!  Well I had the bright idea to let her come check out my pharmacy, and this girl got to work.  Guess what?  

I hired her.  

And she brought me a Chai Tea Latte with Soy milk (so important) and a cake pop. 

And she was really excited to be in What I Ate Wednesday.  Perfection.

For dinner I had spinach salad numero dos.  I put some black and green olives, cucumbers, feta, and Greek dressing on it.  We also had what is known as "Princess Magic Wand Soup" around my house.  That translates into Lipton Noodle Soup for those without 4 year old princesses.  I also got creative and made tuna salad with plain Chobani instead of mayo.

Don't worry Josh.  I made yours separate with mayo.

Back to my Chobani tuna...it was awesome!  I highly recommend using Chobani to replace your fat sources!

I'm stuffed.  All I have room for is a mini cadbury cream egg :)

What is your favorite vegetable?

Can you think of a vegetable I might not like?


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