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What I Ate Wednesday #9

Peas and Crayons
Welcome to the ninth edition of WIAW!  Thank you to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting our link up party!  Make sure and visit her page so you can see what other fun bloggers are eating today!

It's the end of Love Your Veggies month and I have to say I loved all of your comments last week about veggies!  I have to give a shout out to two bloggers that left comments involving never heard of veggies for me:

Kate @ Run With Kate likes Beetroot (and pumpkin)


Holly @ Run With Holly Blog likes winter melon but not when it's a soggy mess

Thanks for the veggie education ladies!  

Remember to eat your veggies!

Ah coffee.  It's the best part of waking up.  Wait.  I think that might be a Folger's commercial.  But really, I love coffee.  I'm currently loving my Silk Almond Milk in my coffee.  So delicious. 

Hold your britches everyone.

I had Chobani and Kashi for breakfast.  Shocker.  I'm sorry but there is nothing else that satisfies my breakfast needs like this combo.  I'm really loving the new Pear flavor.  Well done, Cho, well done.  

Perks of the grocery store....Manager's specials.  The veggies are best by tomorrow and the guac was actually good until March 9th!  But both were best today in my tummy!

While I'm not a vegetarian, I have contemplated the lifestyle on a number of occasions.  If I were to become a vegetarian, these black bean burgers would be a staple for me.  They are so tasty and a great texture.  I love to top them with either salsa or guac.  

Oh, and those Justin's organic PB cups are TDF.  That means To.Die.For.  I love the dark chocolate.  

I love The Laughing Cow cheeses but so does Lyla.  Every time I break one out it's in her little hands before I even had a chance.  Note to self:  Buy more Laughing Cow.  Also, Self:  pretzels are good dippers.

For dinner we had take out from one of my favorite local restaurants, The Half Shell.  Friends, that is the best crab cake po-boy you will ever taste.  If you ever come visit me here in Memphis, we will have to go eat at The Half Shell so you can have a crab cake.  And maybe the Cinderella Pez dispenser can watch over your crab cakes too.

You'll also have to try their King Crab Bisque.  If you're on a diet, just forget about it.  This soup is amazing.  Basically everything from The Half Shell is amazing.  Josh gets the Pan Blackened burger which is killer.  It was a great dinner!

I might snag a couple jelly beans for a late night candy snack.  I know, no self control.  Candy makes me happy.  

Happy Wednesday!

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