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What's For Dinner? #4

We're coming off another successful meal planning week!  I have to say that Iowa Girl Eat's Cheesy Taco Soup was the winner for the week.  We really enjoyed this soup and ended up eating it the next night along with the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.  

Lyla can eat plain tuna fish like a champ.  She finished hers and then asked for the rest of Lexi's.  It's always nice to find a new food for the little ones.  

That was kind of random, but I just felt like throwing in a picture of Lyla because she's super cute.  

Here's what we're eating this week:

Monday:  Falafel with spicy yogurt sauce and Greek salad

Wednesday:  Taco Chicken Bowls

I normally try and make only one or two new things a week but this week we'll be trying 3 new recipes.  I'm so excited about all of these recipes, especially the Gnocchi!  

Friday will be a carb loading night because I'm running a half on Saturday!  Woohoo!

As usual, please make sure and visit Jill and Laura and see what yumminess they've got cooking this week!

New Year New Gear

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