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Today was another appointment with Dr. Wonderful, my orthopedic doc.  If you remember, 2 weeks ago she told me I needed to wear my boot for 2 more weeks.  There was improvement in my stress fracture, but not enough for her to feel comfortable with me ditching Bertha the boot.  Of course, I was crushed.  That meant no Germantown Half.  I decided to volunteer for the race as some sort of consolation prize.

I felt so hopeful that my appointment would go better today.  I had my X-Ray with the tech who is now my buddy since I share my pharmacological knowledge with her.  I then waited for Dr. Wonderful...

And waited...

And waited some more.  Until finally she came in.  She tested my foot for pain and had me try balancing on it.  I've definitely lost some strength in that leg and she gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my foot.  And then she told me....

I can RUN!!!!

I have to start out slowly, only running 3 miles every other day, alternating with the elliptical.  I go back in 2 weeks to re-assess and see if I can go for longer distances then.

I am beyond thrilled.  It's absolutely insane how much I have missed running.  

There are a lot of emotions that I felt when I got the good news, but the biggest emotion was the feeling of thankfulness.  My family, especially Josh, has been so understanding of how hard these 4 weeks have been for me.  

Additionally, I have the most amazing friends that have supported me, in real life and on the internets.  So I want to say Thank You, from the bottom of my heart to...


The running community is just the best.  The way absolute strangers can support one another as if they've know each other for years amazes me.  

Thank you.

Now somebody get me my other running shoe!

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