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Introducing Belle...

Say hello to our new baby, Belle.  If you're done saying "AWWWWWW!", I'll tell you a little about her.

Some people get baby fever.  We got puppy fever.  Casey and Piper are well beyond the puppy stage and Lexi and Lyla are becoming responsible little dog owners so we decided it was time for a new family member.  Unbeknownst to each other, Josh and I were both wanting a Golden Retriever.  When we found out that we both were thinking the same, it was a done deal.  

On Saturday, Josh and I made the 3.5 hour drive to Springfield, TN to pick up Belle.  She was born February 5th so she's 7 weeks old.  The breeders were so sweet and I even teared up when we said goodbye to them because I could tell how much they loved these puppies.  

She was pretty rambunctious in the car, wanting to climb on my neck.  

Eventually she took a couple naps.

And then we made it home so she could meet her biggest fans:

Lexi and Lyla took a few minutes to warm up to her but now they are pretty enamored with her.  Afterall, Belle is "their" puppy.  

Casey and Piper have been a little slower to show her love, but they will come around.  When we're not looking, Piper has been licking her, but then stops when we see her.  

She's such a playful little puppy and she loves to chase.  I'm so excited to see her run, because I have big plans to make her my running partner.  If you have experience training a puppy/dog to run with you, please share!

And now, I'll leave you with incredibly cute pictures.

Do you run with a dog?

How did you train him/her?

Is Belle the cutest puppy you've ever seen?

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