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#MotivationalMonday, #MoveItMonday, SBBC Week 1

My pretend BFF, Shalane, is so smart.  It's like she can read my mind.  Basically what I'm saying is that I've been a sloth for the past week.  I've been totally unmotivated and I can feel it.  I just feel blah.  

It ends here.

My real life BFF, my husband Josh, asked me tonight, "Do you want to work out with me tonight?  I need some motivation."  

Be still my heart.

Looks like we're motivating each other :)

Since I'm still rocking Bertha the Boot, I'm going to share an awesome elliptical workout from Andrea.  This looks like a fun workout and I know it will keep my mind off the fact that Josh is running on the treadmill next to me.  Wink wink.


This past week was the first week of SBBC and I didn't do so hot.  I was really just trying to make sure that I had plenty of room for improvement.  

Here are the points breakdown for the challenge:

1 point for 10 minutes of exercise
1 point daily for drinking your 64 oz water
1 point daily for eating 7-9 servings of freggies (fruits/veggies)
1 point for completion of any WOW
1 point daily for doing the Golden Morning (any time of day)

And here's how I did for the week:

Monday:  20 minute push ups plus 20 minute core work, 64+ water, freggies = 6

Tuesday:  water and freggies = 2

Wednesday:  20 minute push ups, water, freggies = 4

Thursday:  water and freggies = 2

Friday:  water and freggies = 2

Saturday:  20 minute push ups, water, freggies = 4

Sunday:  water and freggies = 2

Total:  22

Have a great week everybody and bust some bootie!

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