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The Race That Wasn't A Race...

Alternate Title:

The Last Trail Race I'll Ever "Run"


The One Where I Knew I Was Injured

I think you get the gist.  

This was the last race in a series of off road races sponsored by Memphis Runners Track Club back on February 17th.  It was a 10K at The trails at Shelby Farms.  I love Shelby Farms so I was so excited to get to run, especially since Brooke was running with me.

No, we did not plan to wear the same color :)

Unfortunately, as soon as we took off I knew there was no way I was going to make it.  My foot was a mess.  My mind was scrambled as I considered a DNF or just walking.  Fortunately, Brooke was okay with walking it with me, which still hurt my foot terribly.

Proof that we did start out running

Along the way we met two of my internet friends from the Memphis Moms Run This Town group, Jennifer and Nikki.  Jennifer is injured so she was volunteering and Nikki ended up walking with us.  It actually ended up being so nice to walk and spend time with Brooke and Nikki.  

I'm not going to lie.  It was incredibly humiliating when the runners lapped us.  I was able to keep a good sense of humor about it though and reminded myself that it was great quality time with Brooke.

The course photographer was amazing.  He kept us laughing everytime we passed him (I believe it was a 3 loop course).  He also captured some great pictures which I will now bore you with:

Brooke's like, "WTF is wrong with you?"

This is not the finish line ending I'm used to

There's Nikki in the green!

I think we might have been deep in conversation here

Awesome posture here

Typical, making the best out of it

You'd think I was running an 8 minute pace here or something

Why am I the only one acting a fool?

Does something smell?

I really love this picture.  We really did enjoy ourselves.

You can still have fun when you're injured peeps.  Remember this :)

One of my favorite pics of Brooke.  Ever.

So it ended up not being the race I wanted.  Hell, it wasn't a race at all.  But let's face it, trails aren't so good when you have a stress fracture.  That was a valuable lesson that I learned.  

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