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Happy Sunday y'all!  I hope all of you racers PR'd your races or at least made out with a cool medal.  I volunteered at the half that I was supposed to run but couldn't thanks to Bertha overstaying her welcome.  I'm not going to lie, I prefer the running side of races, thankyouverymuch.  Nonetheless, I think every runner should volunteer at least once in their lifetime.

Before I forget, Jill had asked me for my recipe for the black bean burger and red pepper mango salsa eaten on Wednesday:

Sorry to disappoint you, my veggie loving, clean eating friend, but they are both store bought.  That doesn't mean they aren't as delicious, just means I don't have much to share except the brands:

Image Caption

(Extreme couponer alert!  The Wholly Salsa website has $1 coupon printable!)

This week's meals all turned out great in my opinion!  I was finally able to make that Hummus Crusted Chicken that had been on our meal plan for weeks it seemed.  It turned out great and full of flavor.  I'll definitely make that again!


I also LOVED this Crock pot pasta fagioli.  I subbed out the ground beef for 99% fat free ground turkey which worked perfectly.  This soup was super filling and Lyla loved it.  I will warn you though, you need a large crock pot for this one, or else cut the recipe in half.  Ours was overflowing and Josh had to pull some of the liquid off.  Still turned out fabulous!

I also made this amazing salad on Friday.  It was chock full of good for you stuff including kale, spinach, arugula, edamame, craisins, clementines, and sunflower seeds.  I topped it with a simple ginger vinigrette and then went to town on that bad boy.

Now onto the good eats for this week:

Wednesday:  Crock Pot Lasagna

Thursday:  Tuna Po Boy

And as always, please remember to check out Jill and Laura's blogs for some healthy living motivation! 

Have a great week!

#Motivational Monday, #MoveItMonday, SBBC Week 2, and a WINNER!

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