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A Message From The Ting Tings and Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo.  It's My Birthday.


I've had a great day filled with lots of friends and family.  I even argued like with my 4 year olds that today was MY birthday, not theirs.  Yep, 34 going on 4.  

I started my day by going on a run/walk with my new friend, Jana.  She was super patient with me as I had major motivation issues.  My legs just didn't have it in them today.  Or maybe my head.  It might have been because my phone wasn't working too well on the way to meet her:


We got a total of 5.15 miles in, although only 3 of those were running.  I'm not sure of the time or pace for those 3 miles.  My legs were tired.

We ran in Shelby Farms which is one of the coolest places in Memphis.  It's not often you get to run by buffalo.

There are 2 new baby buffalo and they were so cute! 

I'm sure y'all were already guessing what came next on my agenda.  The reg.  It was free since it's my birthday.  I'm fancy like that.

Oh yes I did.  I'm not even ashamed to admit that I ate not one but two of these lovelies.  It is my birthday after all.

I'm pretty sure I'm a huge nerd because I got really excited that my favorite shoe company remembered my birthday.  I'm pretty sure that they don't send these emails to just anybody.  Right?

The task for today in #vegchallenge was to serve up a colorful plate with at least 3 different colors.  Being the overachiever that I am, I used 4 different colors:  red, green, orange, and blue/purple.  It was a delicious snack plate!

My parents brought me an Edible arrangement.  It had more fruit on it but my 2 homegirls went to town on it!  I guess my healthy lifestyle is catching on!

I'd like to say that I continued on to a healthy dinner, but it's my birthday.  And I'm running a half marathon on Saturday.  Therefore I had pasta.

Olive Garden.  Nothing fancy, yet consistently good.  I had my usual, the cheese ravioli.  It is always so delicious.  I totally finished my whole meal.  

Thank you to everyone for all of your birthday wishes!  I had a great day and I feel so blessed to have made it to 34.  I'm loving life and I can't wait to see what the next 34 have in store for me!

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