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Monday's Magic + A Winner!

I haven't really been feeling Motivational Monday or Move It Monday lately, so I came up with something new:

Monday's Magic!

Maybe next week I'll make a cute little image, but for today just imagine something dazzling.  Basically, I'm just making up a name for an excuse to get all A.D.D. on y'all.  

You're welcome.

Jill and Jen extended their #vegchallenge another week.  I'm not necessarily following their daily prompts any more but I am continuing with the vegetarian lifestyle.  I'm going to be doing more of a challenge for myself by cooking more this week, and cooking foods for me and for Josh.  For example, tonight we had tacos.  I made Josh blackened fish tacos and I made veggie tacos for myself.  I cooked sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, black beans, and kale and topped it with avocado.  Then I stuffed my face.  It was amazing.

There was a carnival type thing at my synagogue yesterday and Lexi and Lyla had a blast.  It's so hard to get pictures of the two of them together but I finally got some cute ones yesterday.  I'll probably ease these onto y'all all week because you might die of cuteness overload if I do it all at once.

Big South 5k

I think I'm going to run this race this weekend with some of my running buddies.  It's the 32nd year for the race so I'm hoping for some free Coke or something cool.  If all else fails I'll have fun with some friends!

Big news!  Registration for St. Jude Marathon weekend starts May 1st, if you will be running as a Hero.  This means that you will fundraise for St. Jude.  I highly recommend running as a Hero.  There are not many causes better than St. Jude.  Here's a short video to explain why fundraising is so important for St. Jude:

And yes, I will be hitting y'all up for donations :-)

And finally, I have a winner for a tube of Nuun!  Here was my receipt.  I subtracted the 5 items that Lexi and Lyla threw in my cart from the total before tax and came up with


Jen @ Marathon Mom was the closest without going over with her guess of $24.00!!  I'll be in touch...

Thank you all for playing!  I wish I could send you all some Nuun.  We'll play again soon :)

It's Freggie Time!

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