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#MotivationalMonday + #RunForBoston = #VegChallenge, or something like that.

Does that equation make your head hurt?  Or are you thinking I may have just created a new form of math?  It's a little bit of

D.  All of the above.

Today's #MotivationalMonday post is brought to you by Fleet Feet's #RunForBoston.  I'm so thankful that I was able to attend this special run tonight, even though I didn't do much running.  I had my little chicas with me and let's just say I was glad I ran this morning.  It was a beautiful evening and it felt good to be in the presence of fellow runners and friends.  

I even got to meet two other bloggers!  Hi Christen and Caroline!  Make sure and visit their blogs to say hello!

Lexi and Lyla were so glad that they got to see their friends, Gracin, PJ, and Sam.  They belong to my friend, Kristin, who has made several appearances on MommiesRun now.  I think Sam is throwing up some gang signs but I'm not sure.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but there was a great turnout.  We had a 26.2 second moment of silence and the National Anthem was played by a guy on some sort of horn musical instrument.  Clearly I was not a band geek in high school.

I met a couple new people, Toni and Kimberly, and Lexi and Lyla approved of them.  Kimberly got to test run a pair of shoes and I'm proudly rocking some #SweatPink laces!  

My girls love Kristin, and I love this.  Kristin is the type of person that anyone would love!  Lexi ran really well, but Lyla kind of tired out quickly.  I really need to get them some real running shoes.  I loved the Brooks #runhappy sign on the way back.  

There's me with some of the kiddoes!  PJ is my new BFF.  She's the one in the bright yellow laces.  She told Kristin that I'm like a runner Barbie because I wear pretty skirts.  Oh I love that child.

I felt really motivated surrounded by all of these great people!  Plus I got to talk to a super inspirational woman who ran Boston last week.  She was able to finish, and she qualified for next year.  She had originally thought that she was retiring from marathons but she said she'd be there next year :)

Now to totally switch gears, today was day 1 of the #vegchallenge!  It was very easy for me to avoid meat, as I don't normally eat a lot of meat to begin with.  Here's what I ate today (plus PB toast for breakfast):

For lunch I had a salad with mixed greens, peppers, egg whites, salsa, and a wasa cracker.  I know I've said it before, but I love how the hot egg whites wilt the greens.  For a snack I had a Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar, microwaved for about 20 seconds with frozen berries.  I love frozen berries!  I had a handful of cashews before we went to the #RunForBoston.  For dinner, I picked up Panera and I had the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich and some Garden Vegetable soup.  

The soup had my new-to-me veggie for the day, which was swiss chard.  I'm not sure why I've never used this green but it was delicious!

I absolutely loved my eats for the day, and it was very easy to maintain!  I need to go to the grocery store to stock up on some more fruits and veggies.  

I wish I wasn't scared of Aldi.  

Did you #RunForBoston today?

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