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Race Recap: FedEx Fairway 5K

Last Saturday, April 13, I ran the FedEx Fairway 5K.  It was my first post-stress fracture race and I was so excited yet so nervous.  If you remember, one of my 2013 goals is to run a sub-30 5K.  I came close back in December with a time of 30:41.  

Thinking back now, it probably wasn't smart to even think about hitting this goal.  I mean I've run only a handful of times since getting the all clear from my doc.  

But I guess I'm not smart.

I woke up bright and early and got dressed (Gapfit top, Lululemon skirt, Procompression socks, and Brooks PureFlow2s).  I had a basic breakast of coffee and wheat toast with peanut butter.  Plus a big cup of water on the side.  Have you noticed that we use a lot of disposable stuff at my house?  On the way to the race I got some Good Vibrations thanks to Marky Mark.  When I got to the race, I powered up with five EnergyBits.  Loving these by the way.

Say hello to all my new/newish friends.  From left to right, Jay, Jana, Ryan, Brett, Me, Gracin, Kristin, PJ, Jennifer, Evan, Nikki, and Sam in the stroller.

We are all members of 2 awesome groups, RUN365 and Memphis Moms Run This Town.  I really don't know how else to put this, but I love these people.  We get each other.  These are the type of people that you can meet and instantly click with.  And then be friends forever with.  I hope y'all don't mind, but I plan on being friends forever with y'all.  Ok great.  

I had mentioned to Kristin that I thought I would maybe go for my Sub-30.  She, being the amazing friend she is, jumped into action and got Jana on my case.  But when I got there that morning, I just didn't feel confident.  I kind of thought I'd just run, not race.  

Jana had different ideas.  As we were lining up, she called me up to where her and the speedy Jay and Brett were.  I kind of thought I'd just hang with them for a little bit and then drop back.  But then I got to running and chatting with Jay and that was it.  We had just met and yet I was able to talk and run with him like we were old buds.  We talked previous races.  We talked family.  We talked running.  And all the while he was watching paces.  

He had gotten me so close to my sub-30, but the rest was up to me.  As we got near the finish line he started pointing to people for me to pick off.  I came close but I just didn't have it in me.  But my Garmin said I did:

Dude.  I had a mile under 9!!!!  That is complete insanity to me.  Now, in all honesty, my official race time was 30:36 (9:52/mile).  And for the sake of my goal, I'm saying I haven't met it yet.  But I can.  And I will.  I came in 15th in my age group, 79th in gender, and 227th overall.  I'm not sure of how many this was out of, but I'm still proud.  

This is Jay.  He's the one that pushed me oh so close to my goal.  He is one cool dude and I can't wait to run with him again sometime!  

Here are my other Mommy friends coming up to the finish line!  This was Jennifer's second 5K of the weekend, and she would leave this race to go run one more.  Can you say BEAST?  Nikki and Evan were running like champs, and Jana ran back to run in with her little girl, Ryan, and Kristin and her girls.  I'm so proud of all of my friends!

Is there anything sweeter than little runners!  I think Lexi and Lyla are not quite ready to run yet, but you better believe I'll have them with me as soon as they are!  

The Mommies (minus Jana):  Kristin, Jennifer, Nikki, and Me.  I love these girls.  They make me laugh, and they make me a better runner.  

All in all, it was a great race.  Perfectly put together with a great course, great after party, and great friends.  I highly recommend this race and I know I'll be doing it again next year!  

#MotivationalMonday + #RunForBoston = #VegChallenge, or something like that.

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