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Today I ran a race that had nothing to do with me.  My sole purpose was to pace a friend to her new PR.  I was pumped to take on this task because I am in no shape to tackle my own PR in the half right now.  

If you've never paced a friend before, you need to do it.  Not to spoil it, but Jennifer PR'd.  And I helped her do it.  I'm so proud of her for not giving up, for smiling, and for not punching the crap out of me.  

Let's just say, I had to get tough on her at the end.

As I said, I was completely undertrained, so why not go ahead and get crazy by having Mexican the night before?

Keeping up with #VegChallenge, I had a spinach enchilada, an avocado enchilada, and a cheese enchilada.  All delicious.

The shirt is a Brooks tech shirt so I'm sure I will wear it again, being that I love all things Brooks :)

After dinner, Josh and I came home and I started getting things together for the morning.  Since my good friend Kristin wasn't running, I had her pick out my race outfit so I'd feel like she was with us.  Here's what she decided on:

Team Tough Chik singlet, Lululemon pace setter skirtPro Compression socksBrooks Glycerin's, and my Sweat Pink Ambassador laces.

I also played around with a pace calculator to figure out what Jennifer needed to run to get her Sub- 3:00:

And then I went to sleep!  It was really hard to fall asleep because I was super excited to help a friend.  I still feel like I'm a newer runner, so it's cool to be able to pace someone else.  Before I knew it, my alarm was going off and the rain was coming down.

Marley, Jennifer, Rachel, Me, and Kim {Memphis MRTT and RUN365}
Um, totally not how I wanted this day to go.  It was raining.  A lot.  Lots of peoples dreams were being crushed.  My father's big bike race was cancelled.  Friends in Nashville getting ready to run the Country Music Marathon were being pounded by storms.  And we were wearing ponchos.  Not cool, Mother Nature.  Not cool.

There was no backing out though, so we lined up to start, and then 7:30 rolled around and we were off.  I was constantly watching my watch to make sure we were staying within pace.  I was really pleased when I saw the first mile came in at around 13:00/mile.  Unfortunately after that first mile, Rachel's foot really started to bother her.  She gracefully decided to take the 5K route and ended up later being diagnosed with TWO stress fractures.

After the second mile we ditched our ponchos.  The weather ended up being very comfortable.  Jennifer was doing her thing, running when she could, walking when she needed to.  She even had time to pose with a pink tiger:

Can we talk about how awesome her legs are in this picture?

I felt really annoying for a large portion of the race as I kept asking her the following questions:

"Do you feel ok?"
"Do you need anything?"
"Can you run?"
"Can you go faster?"
"Are you having fun?"

It felt good to push her.  I threatened to go Jillian Michaels on her at one point toward the end, but my girl had it in her.  She even had time to stop for a bathroom break.

She also kissed the 10 mile marker.  Girl has skillz yall.

I told her after 10 miles I was really going to start pushing her.  I knew she had it in her, but I was concerned she didn't know it.  I was also getting nervous about her time.  She had a couple miles that were over her target pace and it worried me.  There was no way I could let her come this far with no PR.  I asked her for a full mile of running.  She did it.  I let her walk through the water stops but I kept asking her to go.  There was only one time in that last 3.1 that she walked when I wanted her to run.

I asked her if she'd sprint with me when we got to 13 and she kind of blew me off.  But when we hit 13 and saw the clock under 3 hours, Jennifer took off.

She had done it.

I was so proud to be right next to her as she did it.

Jennifer had more than 3 minutes to spare!  That includes photo ops and bathroom breaks!

Unfortunately, the company making the medals didn't get them made in time (WTF), so we were given a special coaster with promises that our medals would be mailed to us.  We headed to the "after party" which included smoothies and BBQ.  Honestly, it was kind of a let down, but it really didn't matter.

Jennifer PR'd and hopefully gained confidence in herself.  She is such an amazing mama and such a fun person to be around.  I'm so happy to be her friend and even happier that she didn't punch me.

It's nice to run for somebody else.  I'm not burnt out on running yet, but if you are, I highly recommend running a race for a friend.  Your love for running will be renewed.  My love for running was intensified today.

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